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New View (and Toolbar Too!)

By chrystie | September 27th, 2008 | 2 Comments

new view
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Here’s my personal view from the new OCLC Seattle office, where WebJunction and ContentDM are now happily co-located. For those of you who have been tracking my office view pics for a while now, you’ll notice the lack of a lake. Still, the place fits us better I think. And I think we’ll like it here. Not to mention, our network is seriously faster than in the old place. I didn’t realize, honestly, how bad it was.

Don’t worry – we’re still working on WebJunction performance in the meantime.

That aside, I was surprised when I learned today that a new WJ toolbar has been created and posted on our new site. It took maybe one or two seconds to download into Firefox 3 and now I have a very handy list of links to WJ, a search function (Google search of WJ) and a set of links to WJ pages that are visited frequently. It looks like Tim created this and Sharon posted it?

It’s great! I love it!