Why Public Libraries Close Webinar

By Emily | October 30th, 2008 | 2 Comments

City of Salinas, 2005

We are very excited to be hosting a webinar on November 13 at 12 PM Pacific/3 PM Eastern with the principal investigators of the study Why Public Libraries Close.

If you are interested in understanding why libraries close, preventing library closure, or how GIS can be used in library research, then this webinar is for you. We’ll be covering results from the study, guidelines for your library to follow to prevent closure, as well as open the floor for you to ask questions.

Register for the webinar here: http://evanced.info/webjunction/evanced/eventsignup.asp?ID=1532

This webinar is the kick-off to WebJunction’s winter focus on economic tough times. Stay tuned to hear more about additional resources and programming to help you and your library weather the financial storms.

Picture courtesy of Christie Koontz. City of Salinas, 2005.