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Some WebJunction Adjustments

By libraryman | January 12th, 2009 | 2 Comments

WebJunction has always been about community and learning.  Because this is at the heart of both how and why we operate, we wanted to share some WebJunction news with our members, partners and Libraryland at large that is not as easy, fun or joyful to share as usual.

Over the last two years, to build the latest expanded and improved iteration of WebJunction, we have made a series of rapid expansions in staff.  During this process we have always staffed our organization appropriately for the tasks at hand and the projects currently being undertaken.  Up until now this has meant a continual expansion of staff and departments.

However, now that our new platform is launched, and after reviewing our future plans, along with consideration of the downturn of the economy here in the US, we have concluded that we must make some difficult staffing adjustments.

Sadly, internally for WebJunction, this means that several people on staff that have helped us grow have roles that must be redirected and refocused into other areas.  In real terms that means both the elimination of some positions and the adjustment of others.

Partners and members can count on the same level of service and responsiveness.  However, internally at WebJunction this means we will have fewer staff and will have to say goodbye to some employees that we both highly value and deeply appreciate.

We sincerely want our members, partners and Libraryland at large to know that WebJunction is still running full steam ahead. In fact, these changes will help us to continue to roll out new products and services, as well as pursue new partnerships in the library community in the coming years.

While this is a very difficult process to go through organizationally we know that it is necessary and will ultimately help ensure WebJunction’s sustainability and relevance as a learning community for everyone.  All the folks at WebJunction would also like to add that there are now a few WebJunction “alumni” that could make powerful additions to your organization.   If they worked at WebJunction you can bet that they are intelligent, hard working and highly valuable assets to the library field and we hope you’ll join us in wishing them well.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us individually, leave a comment on this post or drop us a line at info@webjunction.org.