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Are you ready to get your geek on?

By SharonS | February 18th, 2011 | 1 Comment

By Jenny Johnson, Executive Director, Branding and Marketing Services for OCLC

I geek movies, Italian food, making new friends and mystery novels. What do you geek? This is the question asked by the Geek the Library community awareness campaign.

If you haven’t heard about the campaign yet, here is your opportunity to find out more. This distinct awareness campaign—that focuses on highlighting the critical role public libraries play in every community and the continued need for sustained funding—is one fun way to help raise awareness about the amazing ways your library supports all the ‘geeking’ that goes on in your community. Many U.S. public libraries have signed up to implement the program locally, and positive results from the pilot campaign conducted with public libraries in Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Wisconsin are fueling momentum.

Geek the Library’s look and message are catchy and definitely grab people’s attention. A new OCLC membership report confirms this—there was impressive awareness of the campaign in surveyed pilot communities and high likeability. The best news is that Geek the Library doesn’t only get people’s attention; it also helps change people’s perceptions about public libraries and public library funding. According to the report, residents in pilot communities took positive steps to support their public libraries after being exposed to elements of the pilot campaign.

Geek the Library is an opportunity for public libraries to surprise their communities with an unexpected approach and connect with residents in a new way. The campaign encourages a personal connection to the library that leads to awareness and, hopefully, continued support. It also starts important local conversations. Essentially, it can help libraries develop community advocates who understand the value of the library, but also appreciate how funding works and recognize the need to keep it top-of-mind in community discussions.

Geek the Library certainly got the pilot communities talking about libraries and we can’t wait to see where the conversation goes in the new communities that are getting their geek on.

Curious if this could work in your area? Geek the Library is now freely available to any U.S. public library. Download the report and visit get.geekthelibrary.org for more information.

1 Comment