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Born to Forget: How to Survive and Thrive in the Age of Information Overload

By Jennifer | August 10th, 2011 | Comment?

Pavlov, frogs and Twilight metaphors! Jay Turner rocked the opening keynote of the WebJunction/Learning Round Table hosted online conference, Trends in Library Training and Learning. Jay TurnerOur brains are recharged from Jay’s presentation, Born to Forget: How to Survive and Thrive the Age of Information Overload. In his inimitably colorful style, Jay linked recent research on brain development with the work skills needed for the 21st century learner to maximize long-term memory (or how avoid “groundhog day syndrome”).

“The serpent that is biology conspires against us.”

Jay elaborated on 8 best practices for getting through to the learner’s brain:

1.       Keep learning enviro fresh

2.       Encourage exploration

3.       Separate the need to know from the nice to know

4.       Use appropriate scaffolding strategies

5.       Master the art of the story

6.       Help learners turn inward to connect outward

7.       Boost performance through self-efficacy

8.       A formal training class is not always the solution

There is so much more information in the space between those best practices. You’ll just have to listen to the archive, which will be available after the conference at:

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