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WebJunction/Learning RT Online Conference 2011 Revisited

By Jennifer | August 26th, 2011 | 1 Comment

Thank you again to all who joined us in early August for Trends in Library Training and Learning Online Conference brought to you in collaboration with the ALA Learning Round Table. We’re excited to bring you this information about the library staff who registered or attended the event and to remind you that all recordings of presentations and associated resources are now available on WebJunction.

A total of 1965 people registered or attended the event and 1082 logged in for at least one of the sessions. Many of those who logged in were doing so in order for staff in their library to join a Viewing Party. See the long list of Viewing Parties!. A special thank you to you viewing party hosts, and sorry if we didn’t get you on the list.

Also a special thanks to our sponsoring WebJunction Partner States who brought over 889 registrants and 500 attendees to the conference and who continue to support the networking and collaboration critical to the success of WebJunction’s online learning!

Many others are represented in the list of top 20 participating states:

Florida 106
Illinois 87
Texas 86
Virginia 83
California 77
Pennsylvania 76
North Carolina 76
Minnesota 71
Washington 69
New York 64
Georgia 56
Colorado 51
Maryland 49
Ohio 48
Tennessee 45
Indiana 42
Arizona 41
Kentucky 40
Kansas 37
Wisconsin 35

And 90 participants represent these cities and countries around the globe:

Aberdeenshire Monterrey
Alexandria Namibia
Amsterdam New South Wales
Argyrioy New Zealand
Asachi Pacific Islands
Auckland Poland
Australia Poornima
Bremen Puerto Rico
Bulgaria Reykjavik
Cambridge Rio Grande do Sul
Dublin Singapore
Ethiopian South Pacific
Frankfurt Southern Queensland
Hong Kong Surrey
India Tasmania
Indonesia Thammasat
Istanbul Trieste
Korea Sydney
Lahore Victoria
Makaia Wetaskiwin

Here’s the breakdown of the many library types represented:
library type breakdown

As you can see from the broad representation across the globe and across the types of libraries you work in, the topics presented are indeed universal. From brain development to instructional design, from creating videos to creating community, the presentations were top-notch and inspirational. Betha provides an excellent summary of the 2 days in her post, Two-day online conference was a brain booster on the Learning Round Table Blog and you can view all the live-blogging we did here on BlogJunction. And be sure to check out the tweet archive for #learntrends!

I’d like to personally thank all of the planners (especially Sharon and Mary Beth from the LearningRT!), presenters, emcees, producers, viewing party hosts and all other participants, for joining the conference and for contributing to the success of WebJunction’s third online conference! I look forward to connecting with all of you in future online events.

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