Look Who’s Talking

BlogJunction posts are written by WebJunction staff as well as guest contributors. Meet some of our regular bloggers:

chrystiehill Chrystie Hill is our Director of Community Services and she works with our Community Services team to build communities for library staff – usually with WebJunction’s programs and tools – but she swears that KARAOKE works just as well! Chrystie has been with WebJunction since 2003, where she spends much of her time posting, casting, conferencing, blogging, tweeting, and chatting with colleagues about emerging technologies and how we can make the most of them. Also a librarian, writer, and consultant on technology and community building, Chrystie writes and speaks frequently about anything that helps connect people to information and each other in or through library land.
Betha Gutsche, Curriculum Manager, knee-deep in competencies. As an artist, woodworker, and now a librarian, Betha likes to design, build, and generally know how things work, whether that applies to the tools in her shop/studio or the technology tools that drive online collaboration. She was attracted to the field of librarianship because of its embrace of technology and the new horizons opened up by it. Oh, and also because of a lifelong love affair with books. When she’s not immersed in reading, she’s likely to be found in, on, or around water.
WJ-kendra Kendra Morgan is the Project Coordinator for TechAtlas. Her first memory of using a library goes back to elementary school in Kihei, Maui where she was one of the “library helpers”. Fast forward a few years (okay, more than just a “few”) and she found herself in library school at the University of Hawaii and excited about helping libraries to use technology to help staff and patrons meet their needs. Her interest in technology and libraries has led her to work as a trainer with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s US Library program and with The Library of Virginia as a technology consultant. When she isn’t being a technology geek, Kendra enjoys cooking, traveling and playing endless games of Scrabble with family.
jenpeter Jennifer Peterson joined the WebJunction team in 2005. She works as Community Manager and loves being a part of a great big group of collaborators and believes that the success of a community depends on its capacity to learn together. She has worked in many of the Northwest’s public libraries since 1993 and interned at the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation while completing the MLIS program at the Information School. She has a hard time containing her passion for libraries and learning, but stays grounded with the help of her amazing family, who also love books, music, dance, art, movies, thrift stores and camping. Her children often include librarian in their list of future careers and describe their local library as a favorite place.